Battlefield 3 Maps

Nov 10th 2011:

BF3 Maps has just opened! On this site you will find all of the Battlefiled 3 multiplayer overhead maps that are currently in play once I have completed making them. When the expansion pack Back To Karkland opens I will also show overhead maps for this as well. Each location has overhead maps for rush, squad rush, conquest, team deathmatch and squad deathmatch. Also, for each location I will provide information about these maps. As time goes on I will provide more detailed information for each bf3 map and will also list stategies.

Battle Field 3 Overhead Maps:

Caspian Border Overhead Maps
Damavand Peak Overhead Maps
Grand Bazaar Overhead Maps
Kharg Island Overhead Maps
Noshahr Canals Overhead Maps
Operation Firestorm Overhead Maps
Operation Metro Overhead Maps
Seine Crossing Overhead Maps
Tehran Highway Overhead Maps